Webmaker Training 線上/下同步讀書會 - 探索

在臺北的朋友,歡迎來 MozTW 社群還沒有開幕的空間逛逛街;不在臺北的朋友,我們將用 Google+ Hangout 聯繫。5/14 23:59 前四人成團,成團或流團會另行通知。

報名的朋友,請記得在參加之前要完成 Exploring 這個單元呦!

Webmaker Training will help you:

  • Integrate the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web into your practice.
  • Bring creativity to your teaching through open, participatory methods.
  • Connect with fellow mentors and educators (especially those in your local area) to share knowledge and resources.

If you're new to the Mozilla Webmaker community, here is a sample of what's in store:

摩茲工寮 or 線上 / 台北市德惠街 23 號 B1

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
一般票 ~ 2014/05/19 21:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
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